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MediaMath REST API Connector



  • Manish Kumar

    Good article.  I am having an issue using the HTTP Request "Body" attribute. The API I am trying to connect to expects the body to be wrapped in { }.  Unfortunately Sisense throws an error when I do wrap my JSON with { } in the "Body" attribute .  Any idea how I can overcome that behaviour ? 

    Sisense Likes This:

    "body" : {"test":"good"}

    Sisense Doesn't Like This, however, this is how the API I am trying to consume works:

    "body" : {{"test":"good"}}



  • Chuck Frisbie

    Hi Tiago,

    Are you trying this to connect to the MediaMath API in this post?  Or is this for another RESTful API you're trying to connect to?  Do you mind sharing your config.json file with me so I can see what's going on?  You can send it to if you don't want to share it here.

    In the meantime, please just make sure you use "Body" and not "body".  This may be case sensitive.  You can also have a look at our documentation for the custom REST connector if you haven't already at the link below.



  • Manish Kumar

    I was able to solve this issue.  I am encountering some more issues as I try to connect to an api.  For instance, I cannot use the "[@accumulative]" property within the body tag.  I will send you my config file to your email. I am also interested to know if I can handle paging via the body tag. As you can see below, the body tag uses "  "limit": "0,1000"  " .  and subsequent calls would be "limit": "1000,2000" until I guess the result set does not equal MAX - MIN VALUE ( in this example it would be 1000).   I have no control of this API and it does seem to be poorly developed. So not sure I will be able to consume it properly.

    "Body": {
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "getData",
    "test" : "[@accumulative]",
    "params": {
    "account": "<can't share>",
    "token": "<can't share>",
    "table": "servings",
    "filters": [
    "column": "start",
    "operator": ">",
    "value": "2017-01-01"
    "limit": "0,101",
    "format": "csv"
    "id" : 1


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