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it appear timeout error when we rebuild the cube



  • Malinda Jepsen

    What is your data source that it is failing on? This is usually a setting on your source side that is timing out from what I've experienced.

  • Nishad Amin

    @Wang CL, 


    Were you able figure out a resolution? Having a similar situation. Validated the sql server remote query time out is set to 10min per Melinda's suggestion.


    it seems I'm only experiencing this issue when the Build exceeds 1GB.




  • Malinda Jepsen

    One of our cubes is over 500G and it takes around 8 hours to build. If you watch the disk, does it grow and grow and then start shrinking? I've had that issue before because I didn't have enough disk space. At that time, it was making a copy of the cube and then rebuilding it, so I needed 3 times the size. That is not the case with more recent releases of the software. But I would double check that you have enough disk space.

    Also, if SQL Server is your source, do you see the query running in SQL Profiler? If you have SQL Server tools such as SQLSentry, you may be able to tell why the connection fails.

    Good luck!

  • Nishad Amin

    Hey Malinda! 

    I checked the disk size, we have ~200 GB available, and this cube is only 20GB. We upgraded to 7.02 a few days ago. But I will try a larger cube later tonight to see if its disk space issue.

    Good call on the profiler. Unfortunately the elasticube server never actually hits the db. See steps below.

    1) Start Profiler & filter for requests coming from elasticube server (byIP)

    2) From Elasticube Manager (desktop)  -- Build --> Build Entire EC --> Build 

    3) No inbound requests tracked by profiler from that IP.

    4) EC Manager errors "the request channel time out while waiting for a reply after 00:01:59.9990000. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding"

    Here is the crazy part, after i got the error, After ~10-15 minutes, the Sisense Console Status for the cube flipped to Building, and i checked the traffic on sql and there the requests were.

    So, EC Manager throws an error of a timeout, and then 10-15 later the cube finally starts to build, but the EC manager does not output the build details. 

    Do you experience this on your 500GB cube?

    Appreciate the Help!



  • Sam Ovenshine

    Hi all,

    We've added new steps to troubleshoot this here:


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