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Best Practices - Moving DEV Dashboards to PROD



  • Malinda Jepsen

    We use the "Copy to Server" option to deploy our dashboards now. It is an awesome feature!

    When I move to production, I am logged in as the administrator and that's who the owner is.

    We do not have a "release" folder, we have one person promote to PROD, so the request is made and that person promotes the dashboard as it exists in DEV for the admin (in our case, DEV is actually TEST).

    If your cube names and everything is the same, you can publish your dashboard automatically with the "Copy to Server" option. However, I prefer to push them all to PROD and then I go onto the PROD site to publish them. If I don't care if I overwrite user settings, I use the API (very fast). If I want to retain user settings or make a change like change the data set, then I do it through the "Republish" in the GUI. You can use the API for both, there is an option to force the update (true/false). 

    I hope this helps!

  • Bill Tonissen

    Thanks.. I'll take a look at this.


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