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changing Grand Total Position




  • Brian Bontrager

    Here's part of what you are looking for. This script will move the grand total row to the top.  

    widget.on('ready', function(sender, ev){

    if ($(".p-grand-total-row-head", element).length > 0)
    $('table#pivot_',element).prepend($('table#pivot_', element).find('tr:last'));
    $('div.table-container table', element).prepend($('div.table-container table', element).find('tr:last'));
    $(this).find('tr:first td').not('.phantom').css('border-bottom', '1px solid #ccc').find($('span, .p-value')).css('font-weight', 'bold');

    $('.p-grand-total-row-head.p-first-data-col').css('border-left', 'none');



  • Elliott Herz

    Hey Sai,

    I built a script that moves 1 of the grand totals from the right so that it is the first column on the left. Not sure of how many grand totals you were trying to move to the front, but you can use this as an example:

    widget.on("ready", function(widget, args) {

    //move the right grand total header as the first field on the left
    var header = $('td.p-grand-total-head','[id="' + widget.oid+ '"]')[0];

    //find all the right grand total tags (specific to the fidx).
    var tags2 = $('[id="' + widget.oid+ '"]').find("[fidx=2]");
    var grandTotalTags = [];
    for(var i=0; i<tags2.length; i++) {
    if(tags2[i].className === 'p-value p-total-col-val' || tags2[i].className === 'p-value p-first-data-col p-total-col-val') {
    var rows = $('td.p-dim-member','[id="' + widget.oid+ '"]');

    //move the right grand total before the other columns
    for(var i=0; i<rows.length; i++) {

    //move right grand total for bottom grand total
    var bottom = $('td.p-grand-total-row-head','[id="' + widget.oid+ '"]')[0];
    var lastElement = bottom.parentElement.lastElementChild;


  • Oxana Noa Umansky

    Thanks so much Brian and Elliot!

    @devops, let us know if you've achieved what you've been looking for!


  • Siva

    Hi Brian and Elliot,

    Thanks Brian and Elliot. I have implemented these scripts in widget. It is working fine. We will try to edit the script given Elliot to work in all the scenarios.

    We are using Sisense only by embedded JS in our application. So, we want to make sure that there will not be any performance impact after using the script.

    Sai Krishna.

  • Analytics & Insights

    Hi all! Hope you are going well.

    Does anyone knows how to do the same thing to the subtotal lines?




  • Siva

    We have same required. Please post if someone has the solution.

  • Brandan Spears

    @Elliott Herz do you have a script for two Grand Total columns? 

  • Elliott Herz

    Hey Brandan, I don't have a script offhand that does it.

  • Sam Barger

    Hi, I'm attempting to display column grand totals at the top of a pivot table rather than the bottom. I tried using the script provided by Brian Bontrager above to no avail. I am on Version: L8.0.5.212. 

    Any ideas? 



  • Raimonda Staniute

    Hi All,


    I am also on Linux version: L8.0.5.212. I have asked Sisense support on why the script is not working. They have replied me this:

    Indeed this script will not be effective in Linux since we have released a new version of Pivot that has new structure.
    The script should be re-written, feel free to use Pivot 2.0 API article for details.

    If anyone has a script already, would be great if you could please share it.




  • Jayson Yurcho

    The below should work with Pivot 2.0. 

    widget.on('ready', function(sender, ev){

    //Define Variables
    var lastRowClass = $('tr.table-grid__row:contains(Grand Total)',element).last().attr('class')
    var firstClass = lastRowClass.split(' ')[0]
    var secondClass = lastRowClass.split(' ')[1]
    var firstRowClassBase = $('div.' + firstClass).first().attr('class').split(' ')[0]
    var firstRowClassNumber = $('div.' + firstClass).first().attr('class').split(' ')[1].match(/\d+/g)

    //If the first row class number does NOT equal zero...
    if(firstRowClassNumber[0] != 0){

    $('div.' + firstRowClassBase + ' div.table-grid__cell').css({'border-top':'','font-weight':''})
    $('tr.' + firstClass).first().insertAfter($('tr.table-grid__row-' + (firstRowClassNumber - 1)))
    $('div.' + firstClass).first().insertAfter($('div.table-grid__row-' + (firstRowClassNumber - 1)))

    //Move Grand Total row to top
    $('div.' + secondClass).insertBefore($('div.' + firstClass).first())
    $('tr.' + secondClass).insertBefore($('tr.' + firstClass).first())
    $('div.' + secondClass + ' div.table-grid__cell').css({'border-bottom':'1px solid #ccc','border-top':'1px','font-weight':'bold'})
    $('tr.' + secondClass + ' td').css({'border-bottom':'1px solid #ccc','border-top':'1px','font-weight':'bold'})




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