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Change the Location of the ElastiCube data folders



  • Naveen

    Very Helpful. Thank you

  • James Walker

    This is very helpful.

    Be aware though, that when changing the location of an existing ElastiCube (using detatch/attach), any Scheduled Build settings for the cube are not carried over. That has to be reset after the cube is reattached in the new location.

  • Roopa Raghavan

    The Default Patches Directory that you change in the config file (for accumulated builds) needs to be a drive that's usable on the server. Check this first and then make the change. What we also noticed during accumulative builds was that there was a very high I/O operation going on during Finalizing stage and that was because the patches directory was different from the elasticube data file dirtectory. To resolve this - we edited the config file to reflect the data file and patches directory to be the same drive on the server. Helps save time during builds.


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