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The Smart Label



  • Jessica Orlando

    Any update on the widget not downloading to PDF and causing an error? This is frustrating when users want to download their dashboards to PDF

  • Anjali Yadav


    I re-downloaded  this plug in to get the below update  but I am not seeing any new setting options available to me . I  disabled and enabled the plugin from the Admin tab, and  reset the  IIS too for the changes to come in effect, but still nothing.  Could anyone please  send a screenshot of their SmartLabel in Edit mode. I have attached mine to this message.

    ****UPDATE August 13th, 2018: Plugin updated: Widget's style menu offers background and text colors, as well as vertical alignment.

  • Jessica Orlando

    Does anyone still have the Title Bar show even though they've selected 'Hide Title Bar'? 

  • Sofia Robles


    I have some trouble when using the plugin with dependent filters.Instead of showing the word All it literally shows all the values.  Is there a way of correcting this with a script or other way?


  • Carly Smallwood


    I have also encountered an issue with dependent filters. When I have one on the dashboard, even if it is disabled for the SmartLabel widget, the SmartLabel widget will not populate with any values.


  • Megan Moss



    Do you have bloX installed? I was seeing this same issue on SmartLabel and Text widgets, and came across this forum post indicating that bloX was causing the issue. A comment made by a Sisense rep on the post linked to a hotfix you could download, which seemed to correct the issue for me!

    Worth looking into!



  • Hendrik Venter

    Possible to manually set the text to be displayed in the widget? Currently it doesn't seem to have an option for this, you can only select data fields.

    I've tried some scripts but couldn't get it to work

  • Sofia Robles

    Hi Hendrik,

    If you want to type a specific text you can try using the text widget rather than a smart label


  • dave Barret

    Hi Hila,

    As previously logged, the smart label does not show up on a PDF report.

    Also, when using the send report by email function, it generates a widget error and the smart label does not show on the report received by email.

    Any fix for this bug ?

    Many thanks in advance

    Best, David


  • Ramon Lopez

    Hi Dave 

    I've replaced all instances of the smart label with blox.  It ultimately provides much more flexibiliy in formatting and combining text with other images/kpis/etc...


    Good luck!


  • Dustin Smith

    Apologies in advance, this(JSON?) is completely new to me. Due to dependent filter issues, I was advised to switch from SmartLabel to Blox. My problem is i'm trying to display goals in paragraph format and all the Blox examples, tutorials, and templates, are built to handle much more complicated stuff than what I'm trying to do. In the image below the top widget is SmartLabel and the bottom widget is my attempt to recreate in Blox: In SmartLabel if I had multiple values for Initiative 1 it would combine them into continuous lines, but in Blox it separates them into different text blocks. I can live with that but how do I get rid of the new line in between the title and the Item? For example I'd like it to say Target Date: 6/30/18 instead of 

    Target Date:


    Here's what I've pieced together:


  • Utsav Agarwal


    Is this Plugin Supported in Linux 8.0.3 and higher version?


  • Kate Morrissey

    Dustin Smith

    Edit to say: just saw you posted this back in November, so you probably already have it figured out.

    I think you would just put the {panel:date} right in with the "Target Date:"

    "text": "Target Date: {panel:TargetDateInitiative1}"
  • Sophia Lee

    Hi, This plug in doesn't seem to work with the jump to dashboard plug in linux L8.2.1.421

    can anyone help? 



  • Ravid Paldi

    Hi Sophia Lee


    The SmartLabel plugin is a really old one and I'm not sure that it is being actively develoepd anymore. 
    I would reccomend using BloX instead. 

    It requires a bit more learning, but enables you a lot more flexabilty and most importantly - it is officialy supported lby Sisense. 

    Start of with the simple "Welcome to BloX" tempalte and add a panel to the widget with your data. 

    Then, plot the below snippet whereever you wish your numbers to appear



    Feel free to reach out if you need assistance in setting it up, its pretty straight forward and we're always happy to help (: 

    Paldi Solutions


  • Antti Wolk

    When using Internet Explorer, I get a widget error shown. In Chrome it's all fine.
    Does anybody else face this error?

  • Ido Darnell

    Hey Antti Wolk

    Instead of using the smart label plugin you can easily achieve the same functionality with Blox which is officially supported,

    LMK if I can assist in any way, feel fee to reach out,

  • John Curran

    I am trying to recreate a Smart Label widget with Blox. Here is a screenshot of the original widget in Smart Label:


    And here is how it pulls the values from the model's columns:


    I am playing with different snippets but am a newbie and have not been able to figure it out. Any suggestions?

  • JJ Chritton

    We tried using blox to support the same use cases as smart labels, but could not create the same functionality. In the end, we tried smartlabels again on a higher version ( linux) and it seems to work now. 


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