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  • Todd Nash

    We have been using this plugin for some time now (since persistency issue was resolved) and it has been a real asset.  Lately, we have received numerous requests by viewers for the ability to share bookmarks with other users.  Is this at all possible?  

  • JJ Chritton

    Similar to Todd's request, our users would like the ability to share dashboard bookmarks within their subgroup. Since our deployment of the dashboards is shared across large numbers of users from different facilities, we'd also need the ability to limit the sharing among a specific group of users.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Does anyone know where the bookmarks get stored now. We are trying to restore some for a client that lost some but I can't find where they go in the MongoDB

  • Marlo Lucero


    Recently we've run into a development issue that this plug-in would work great to resolve. However, the documentation doesn't appear to be consistent with how this plugin is currently working based on the testing we have done. Is it possible to get any updated documentation or information on this? 

    The main questions are as follows: 

    How can a dashboard owner share their bookmarks with all users who have access to the dashboard? 

    How can a dashboard owner overwrite all public bookmarks created on the dashboard?

    How does this plugin work with user group permission settings? 

    In our experience, exporting a dashboard with saved bookmark filters and then importing the dashboard into another instance does not retain the bookmarks. Do bookmarks need to be set in each instance?

  • Ian Emmons

    Hey, Mike van, I hope it's not too late, but these are stored in the customData collection

  • Michael Sutton

    Does this plug in work in Linux?


  • JJ Chritton

    I noticed that the plugin did not behave well for me (elements not aligning correctly, etc) when I downloaded the newer version available on this site. Instead, I went back and ended up using the version that had worked for us on 7.1.3 and am now using this version on linux version 8.2.4. Our version also eliminates the option to show the "public/private" radio buttons since we did not want to grant users the option to create public bookmarks. We also incorporated a fix for the delete "trash" icon that was missing. The one thing I noticed that is slightly different is that the "Filters" header can no longer be used as a link to launch the bookmarks feature.

    Here's a link to download the version we use: 

  • Ravid Paldi

    Hi Everyone, 


    We have recently launched an officially supported plugin to the marketplace that inccorporates advanced filtering capabilties for Sisense 

    One of its features is the abilty to save filter selections as "Presets" and easily access and manage them by the user:


    Designers can also add pre-defined "built in" presets. 

    We are always strive to improve so if you have more feature requests - please let me know (: 


    Feel free to reach out if you're interested in getting a trial version for the plugin and learn more about its capabilties. 





    Paldi Solutions - Gold Certified Sisense Partner




    One of its features 

  • Katie Garrison

    A note from troubleshooting this plugin recently - 

    Viewers/consumers cannot view Bookmarks they created on the L8.2.4 and Windows 8.2.4 releases. This is due to permissions being added to the API which did not include viewers. 
    This was fixed in L8.2.6 and Windows 8.2.5 SP1 so all role types can use the API under the hood of this plugin.

  • Naresh Gamidi

    Hi Katie Garrison,

    Ours is Linux L2021.1.3.20 version and this bookmarks plugin is not working in our version.

    When we click on bookmarks option under filter menu, it is opening blank black screen.

    Any help is appreciated.



  • Lloyd Williams

    We had the same blank screen issue with L2021.1.3.20. The issue seems to be Sisense's modal function no longer adding the "md-modal" CSS class to the bookmarks modal. Our fix is to pass this class explicitly to the modal settings, e.g.:

    --- a/bookmarks.js
    +++ b/bookmarks.js
    @@ -38,7 +38,8 @@[function(){
    scope: {
    in: myScope
    - templateUrl: '/plugins/bookmarks/bookmarkTemplate.html'
    + templateUrl: '/plugins/bookmarks/bookmarkTemplate.html',
    + css: "md-modal"

    // Define the ui options

  • Naresh Gamidi

    Hi Lloyd Williams,

    Thank you for the help.

    We will try the workaround you suggested above and let you know how it goes.




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