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Mapbox GL Widget



  • Raja Munagala

    Is the limitation, export to pdf resolved?

  • Wes Swanson

    What's the secret to getting this plug to show up in my plugins list when I create a widget. I'm in 7.2, and when I install the plugin, add my token to the config file, and restart the site, the plugin doesn't show up.

  • dave Barret

    That's a fantastic plugin with Mapbox, Thanks !

    Do you think it would be possible to add a second value field for the bubble size as it exists for the scatter map?


  • Benedict Ji

    plugin mapbox gl  is causing some other plugins to stop loading. IE is executing the logic in steps and in case of any error/incompatibility it will abort further execution. In this case IE cannot load mapbox correctly and stops loading Blox. If you disable mapbox  and refresh the page you will see that Blox is loading correctly.

    Web gl have some loading issue in IE11


  • Robert Choquette

    For anyone interested in taking advantage of Mapbox's new (and very generous) free tier pricing, simply get the latest sdk files from mapbox using the following URLS

    and replace the ones that came with the plugin that you downloaded above. This will change the way the maps are called so that you are counted on loads (sessions) instead of the number of tiles that your users retrieve. The new free tier gives you 50,000 loads for free each month which should be enough for a bunch of us to do what we need to do.
    More information about the new pricing here:
  • Kirill Malin

    Does this plugin work on v 7.4?

  • Ido Darnell

    @Kirill it is working for us on V8.0.1

    LMK if you run into any issues

  • Michael Sutton

    will this work in Linux?


  • Ido Darnell

    Hi All,

    Glad to announce we've developed a few advanced maps based off of for visualisations of large data sets,

    With these maps you can tailor suit your specifications onto any available layer, as well as combine a few layers to further enhance your mapping requirements:

    - QBeeQ Plugin

    - Advanced Google Heat Map

    More to come soon!

    Feel free to reach out for a live demo,

    Sisense QBeeQ Partner Page

    Sisense Partner of the Year 2019!


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