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Schedule emailing filtered dashboard to specific users?



  • Ravid Paldi

    Hi Xavier, 


    We've developed an external emailing module similar to what you need for a different client. 

    I'de be happy to jump on a call and guide you on what you should to do something similar. 


    Feel free to reach our at




  • Katie Garrison

    Hi Xavier,

    This is not possible in Sisense today but you could build on the post you mentioned in your post. You would need to create dashboard owners for each of the data security combinations then do the set up from the article you mentioned for each dashboard owner.

    If you'd like to see this integrated into the Sisense product, please submit your idea in our Ideas Forum, where it can gain traction through community input and upvoting.

  • Xavier Donnelly

    For anyone that lands on this forum question, I've found a solution. I had to upgrade our Sisense instance from 6.7.1 to 7.3.0, which took quite a while.  I needed the assistance of a support engineer on several occasions because so many custom settings broke with the full version upgrade. But now that it's working, I'm able to add users to specific groups just for email notifications, even though they all belong to other separate user groups that determine their data access rights. When Sisense generates the emails and PDF attachments, it uses the Data Security settings for the associated Elasticube to filter the dashboard for that specific user's accessible values. In this scenario, each email recipient receives a filtered dashboard for their state (each state has a user group too), even though they all belong to the same group "Commissioners".  It's taken a while to get here, but it finally works!


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