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Will Sisense add support for using AWS Dynamo instead on MongoDB for HA customers?



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  • Moti Granovsky

    Hi Michael, 

    MongoDB is an integral part of Sisense architecture, with various abilities developed with MongoDB's features and limitations in mind, and thus support for DynamoDB as an alternative to MongoDB will not exist in the foreseeable future.

    However, there are managed MongoDB solutions such as Atlas, which we may possibly certify for use with Sisense in the future though this is not currently on our roadmap for 2019. 

    If this ability is crucial to your success, I suggest discussing it with your CSM.

    Additionally, starting with Sisense v7.2 and the transition to a microservices architecture, Sisense has released the Multi-Server Deployment Wizard utility, which automates many of the complex steps in deploying Sisense on multiple servers (for high availability) and should help alleviate said pain point. You can read more about this utility in the updated high availability documentation.


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