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Recommendations for a book/tutorial on SQL for Sisense



  • Ravid Paldi

    Hi Cushrow, 


    Few things: 

    - First, there is a LOT to know in order to operate Sisense, keep in mind that you have at list 3-6 months of learning and training if you are completely new to BI in general and SQL specifically.

    - Second,  you can start with the below Udemy course which covers most of the basics that you'll need and for new users, it's practically free (if for some reason it cost you more then simply google the course's name and the phrase "coupon". Work like a charm)

    BTW, this is not an affiliate link but rather an honest recommendation.

    - Third, we've launched a Sisense Mentoring package specifically for your use case. WHere we aim to guide you step by step throughout the entire implementation & learning process until you can be autonomous on your own. 


    Feel free to reach out if you are interested or simply have some "Noobs" questions about Sisense. We are always happy to help (: 





  • Siva is another website where you can learn basic SQL with ease.

  • Andrew Block

    As other have stated you really will want to learn SQL on its own, and once you have a strong level of understanding of that you will probably want to get into more advanced topics like customization your Sisense solution both on the front and back end. Here is another free interactive site you can learn some basic SQL.


  • Roopa Raghavan


    Just reaching out to see how you're doing so far with SQL and SQL used in Sisense.

    If you have any specific issues, do share here, it would be easier to get you answers if you have specific questions like working with Date in custom SQL tables, using convert/cast etc.


  • Cushrow Parakh

    Thank you for your message, Roopa.  I'm making painfully slow (!) progress but I still have not figured out how to create, for example, multiple rows of weekly totals of orders, sales, payments, etc.

    Also, I wish all enhancements to dashboard formatting did not focus so heavily on editing scripts for those like me who are not familiar with the syntax required!

  • Roopa Raghavan


    I dont know what the use case here is, but the first part of your question is related to elasticubes or dashboards?

    I get your issues with dashboard formatting based on scripting the widgets or dashboards themselves, I haven't delved deeply into that yet, so I'm not sure what kind of issues crop up there.

    Here's a place where you can post your questions in the right forum-

    Also - if there are posts you are interested to know more about, make sure you follow them so you are notified of new comments on those posts. You are also able to follow people and you get notification emails when they create new posts or comment on existing ones.

    Good luck!



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