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Sisense BloX Tutorials




  • Christian Lira

    I am impressed by Sisense BloX, super innovative in letting users be freely creative, and predict many uses...congratulations, and I am going to "plug it" in my LinkedIn network. 

  • Ron Oren

    Thank you Christian, I really appreciate your feedback!

    We hope BloX is really just the tip of the iceberg in transforming the classic BI into beautiful business application powered by Sisense.

  • Christian Lira

    Hi Ron,

    I came across BloX in the Sisense Community (I was looking for JS scripts) and the video made me sit up from my chair! I have spent countless hours and days in other popular software to get near this level of intricate and innovative detail and Sisense Blox is impressive and it's just the beginning...thank you.

  • Ron Oren

    Christian, thanks again. your feedback really empowering us and gives us a deep meaning to our efforts and vision.

    Much appreciated.


  • Roni Thomas

    Hi Everyone,


    I do not find any documentation related to javascript in blox.

    Do we have some documentations/ samples?




  • Ron Oren

    Hi Roni

    Here you can find general information about ACTIONS.


    As for custom action, in the JS editor, we provided a sample :


    * Welcome to BloX action editor.
    * Create your own action by using the Action body below.
    * To learn more, see the online documentation at
    * Notes:
    * The payload Object is accessible as a parameter.
    * @param {Object} payload - Action's payload as described in Blox JSON.
    * @param {String} payload.type - Name of the Action IE: 'Action.Submit'.
    * @param {String} payload.title - Button text IE: 'Submit'.
    * @param {...Object} payload.* - Custom properties.
    * @example will create an action that will replace sisense's logo
    * from payload.imageUrl as described in Action's JSON.
    * Example below, delete and replace it with your own.
    const image = payload.imageUrl;
    const logo = document.querySelector('.prism-header__logo'); = `background-image: url(${image})`;
    as a general guideline: 
    1. Click on create an action ( top right menu) 
    2. Name your Action 
    3. Adjust, write your own JS.
    4. Click NEXT

    5. Adjust, write your own snippet ( note, this is how it will appear under MY ACTIONS in the ACTION tab), the snippet is how the users will interact and custom the action you created so make sure to include all the needed parameters and provide a simple/descriptive names.

    6. once done, click on CREATE

    7. once creates, you should see your new Action under MY ACTION section.


    You can delete/edit your actions after created using the 3 dots menus in the custom action snippet.


    There is a known issue with editing right now, we should release a hot fix for that during next week.




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