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SSO JWT redirect does not pass return_to correctly



  • Suresh ungarala

    Replace "#" with "%23"

  • Jordan Pitlor

    For anyone coming here from Google that might be in this scenario:

    We have Sisense redirect to our front end, which requests a token from the back end - in this process, the url gets encoded/decoded twice! If you encoded # once, and it's still not working, try to replace # with %23, then encode the % again to %25. The final result in this instance should look like this:

    When Sisense redirects to the SSO sign in url, your back end will receive the URL completely decoded (return_to=/app/main#/dashboards/5c66cbd72a66db0f1c4b6f11?embed=true&h=false)

  • Praveen Ramanathan

    How do i redirect this to my analytics website (Ex: after sso passed instead of Sisense pages?

  • Paul Russell

    Hi, We also need to redirect to an 'external url' but this doesn't seem to work...for SSO and particularly where it is embeded, this needs to be supported?


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