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Where can I see import errors?



  • Michael Becker

    Hi Bruce,

    I'd open browser console while importing, it should print more info. I'd also query support on the location of the logfiles for this.


    Michał Becker

  • Bruce Christie

    Thanks, I'll try that.

  • Katie Garrison

    Hi Bruce,

    There are a some common reasons for why a dashboard may fail to import:

    • Version: If the Sisense version that the dash was exported on is very different from the version being imported on (for example 6.5 to 7.3) the import may fail.
    • JSON Format: If the file was edited and there is a syntax or encoding issue the dashboard may not import (you can try to resolve by pasting the dashboard code into a JSON validator like this one).
    • File Type: If the dashboard was saved as a file type other than .dash on export, the dashboard may not import.

    Support typically looks at these factors before digging through logs.

    Hope this helps,
    Katie Garrison | Technical Solutions Consultant


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