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Pulse API update




  • Katie Garrison

    Hi Delsaran,

    Please take a look at this article on a simple method on how to obtain the JAQL of a filter.
    Using JAQL for Custom Filters

    For instance, if I need the JAQL for a filter from the Sample ECommerce example cube, I can add the filter I'm looking for (here I want to filter on the ABC brand)

    I then click on the Advanced tab to obtain the JAQL query

    Hope that Helps,
    Katie Garrison | Technical Solutions Consultant

  • Delsaran Bigglesworth

    Wow, with the quickness. Thank you so much. 

  • Delsaran Bigglesworth

    Ok. I'm still struggling with this. I'm trying to make a bunch of "Pulses" for conditions that don't yet exist. I'm using the API endpoint to do this by POSTing a new Pulse with the criteria that I need but I keep running into issues. Mainly, I don't know what to put in the field. 

    Firstly, is datasource the cube Id? Is measures the categories (Top panel)? What goes in "format"?

    Second, Filters. Can I add more then one and how does it know that what panel I want to filter on? The "1-14 day", that I'd like to make "> 30 days" is currently in the break-by panel, but I'd also like to filter the "ResponsibleDirector" panel.

    "kpi": {
    "datasource": {},
    "metadata": {
    "measures": [
    "jaql": {},
    "format": {}
    "filters": [
    "jaql": {},
    "panel": "scope"

    Sorry for being so confused in advance.


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