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Is there a limit to the number of users in a group?



  • Katie Garrison

    Hi Zachary,

    We do not have an upper limit to the number of users that can be added to a group at this time.
    What scale of users are you thinking about? We have seen use cases with tens of thousands of users in a group which worked as expected.

    Hope that helps,
    Katie Garrison | Technical Solutions Consultant

  • Zachary Mehl

    We are predicting a couple of our groups to possibly grow to a few thousand users, but I don't think it would ever come close to reaching tens of thousands of users. Thank you for the answer, I didn't want to continue down the route we were if we were going to hit a limit we didn't know about.

  • Katie Garrison

    Ok great, glad that answered your question.
    Keep us in the loop if you run into any issues setting this up!


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