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Dremio ODBC Connection Lessons Learned



  • Katie Garrison

    Thanks for sharing, Joseph. Very helpful info!

  • Katie Garrison

    Hi Joseph,

    Just to follow up, curious if you at any point tried the Generic JDBC connection to Dremio. I ask because it looks like there is a driver available on the Dremio website:

    If your organization is on Sisense 7.2.1 or later, you can take advantage of using the Generic JDBC connection through the Web ECM. If you choose to get this set up, let us know how it goes (and create a support ticket if you run into issues with this)!

    Katie Garrison | Technical Solutions Consultant

  • Eric De Andrade

    Hi Katie, 

    Does Dremio - SiSense connection work out of the box or we need to do some tweaks/hacks?



    (Lead Data Engineer | Adarga)

  • Katie Garrison

    Hi Eric!

    No hacks that I am aware of but I have not gone through the steps of setting this up for myself with Dremio.

    To start, you will need to download the JDBC driver for Dremio then follow the instructions for using the Generic JDBC connection. 

    If you try to set this up and are not able to pull data or run into any issues with this, please feel free to create a support ticket and our team can assist in troubleshooting.

    Hope that helps,
    Katie Garrison | L4 Solutions Engineer


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