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Can Two Designers Co-Design a Dashboard?



  • Jessica Orlando

    This would be great! 

  • Ido Darnell

    Hi @Sam, @Jessica,

    At the moment this is not exactly possible, though I do believe Sisense are working on collaboration capabilities in the future.

    What we do with all our projects and clients in this case is start as one designer, then once it's feasible enough, share with your team mate, which can duplicate that dashboard as their own version, then share the second version with the first designer, this way you can work in parallel on both versions and ultimately combine them into 1 final version when ready,

    Let me know if I can further elaborate,



    Sisense Partner of the year 2019!

  • Justin Bowen

    Hi, Ido Darnell. Has there been any progress on this capability? I have a dashboard I'm creating with another user. We have to work on it one at a time then transfer ownership to the other person for them to make their additions and changes.

  • Ido Darnell

    Just to be clear, I'm not a Sisense employee anymore rather an implementation partner :)

    Currently only one designer can have ownership over a certain dashboard and be able to make changes which will be published to the consumers. I am unaware of the road map on this, though I do agree it can be highly beneficial. At the moment our best practice is to swap ownership during development.

    With that, at QBeeQ we developed a few great plugins, among others one which can help a user to either share entire folders or change ownership in bulk, as well as sharing insights from a certain widget through a slack or MS teams. We are also working on a plugin which will enable commenting and annotation on a dashboard which can be considered very close to dashboard development collaboration.

    Feel free to reach out for any question, we're always here to help

    QBeeQ Sisense Partner of the year 2019/2020 


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