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the property, 'members', is expected but not found



  • Barry Gaffey

    Steven Licciardi

    I am getting the same issue & message on one widget. I've observed this odd issue cropping up from time to time on Sisense 7.4.3. 

    I can remedy my widget when I recreate the widget-level filter on the problem widget.

    But, that doesn't explain how my widget filter (or dashboard filter) got messed up in the first place. We've opened a support ticket on the issue.

    The filter gets corrupted by something to this:

    "explicit": true,
    "multiSelection": true,
    "members": null

    When it should be this:

    "explicit": false,
    "multiSelection": true,
    "exclude": {
    "members": [
  • Vijay Reddy

    Hi Folks,

    is the fix made in sisense Linux versions? what is the workaround for this? Why it is happening?. Please help.


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