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Default Filter Value



  • Ido Darnell

    Hi Jessica,

    This can be easily achieved by use of default filters, each user can determine which default filter set the require.

    If your most updated data is always today or now, you can simply create that filter, set to today and then apply that as your default filters.

    If your most updated date in your EC data is not today, You may need to create a flag column determining what is the most updated date with a 1 or true and use that field as the default filters.

    LMK if I can further clarify,



  • Jessica Orlando

    Hi Ido,


    Thanks for the idea! The most recent date will almost never be 'today' since we are displaying most recent quarter. In this case, if I had to do the flag, I would still want users to have the ability to look back in time, so would the filter only be showing where flag = 1 or could i show all dates and just have the selected one always be the MAX date?




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