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Dashboard for Current Security



  • Peach Bluhm

    Yes - we need this!

  • Sandy Ward

    +1 We need this, too! 

  • Hamza Jap-Tjong

    What you could do is;

    - Use the CDATA RestAPI connector to connect to the user, groups and admin/dashboards api to retreive all the needed information. Connect it in a cube and create a dashboard


    - Create a python script that downloads this data to CSV and import it into a cube and connect the tables in the cube and create a dashboard.

    This is how we did it

  • Ravid Paldi

    Hi Everyone, 


    I'm happy to announce that we have recently developed a plugin that does exactly what you're looking for and youcan easily access it from within the client side so no need for tricky scripts (: 

    When you'll have the plugin installed, if you'll go to the viewers/groups area, you'll see that there is a new icon added at the end named "Get User Info". When clicking on it, you'll get a CSV export with a list of all the dashboards that the user/group has access to and which type of access. 

    Please note that this option is avaialble only for sys-admins rather then "plain" admins. 

    This plugin is also being sold as part of our Admin Power Tools bundle that is coming soon to the marketplace which includes a lot of great admin enhancments like:

    - Field Analyzer

    - Field Rename Utility

    - Dashboard Corruption Finder

    - WidgetScriptManager

    And many more to come (: 


    Feel free to reach out if you'de like to learn more and get a free trial so you could try it on your end. 

    Simply send an email to


    Looking forward,

    Paldi Solutions - Gold Certified Partner




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